Cacao For Me

Cacao For Me

Chocolatier Alexandra Sereda


I'm Alexandra, chocolatier and owner of Cacao For Me.

In a nutshell, chocolate is my passion. I believe it is good for your health, for both the body and the brain.

Inspiration is everywhere. It comes from my culture and travels, the music I listen to and the food I taste. But mostly I’m inspired by people - by the look in a customer's eye at the moment when they taste my chocolate and their face shows WOW! This is the true reason for me to make chocolates.

It feels incredible to provide such moments of true and genuine pleasure.

"9 out of 10 people like chocolate,
the 10th person always lies"

Chocolate Happiness


For my chocolates, I use only high quality, natural ingredients and mainly work with dark chocolate, 70% cacao and more. Dark chocolate helps to boost your mood, health and happiness.

I choose unusual flavour combinations and make delicious chocolates out of them.  I use only real ingredients to flavour my chocolates; you won’t find any flavour substitutes here. If the ingredients list berries, this puree is produced from real berries that I blend together myself. Other ingredients include fresh rosemary, lemon, mint, orange, raspberry and the list goes on.


Quality chocolate can only be made from quality ingredients.

"If chocolate is the answer,
the question is irrelevant"

Where to buy

Pick & create your own box

Coolsville Trading Post, 3 Moxham Ave, Wellington

Wild Flowers, Shop 1.11 Grand Arcade, Willis Str



Contact Us / Phone: 022 6491844

Please feel free to contact us for enquiries and any questions.

Introduction meeting with free tasting samples can be arranged in advance for events and partnerships.

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