Christmas gifts

It is time to think about Christmas gifts. We've already started!


We offer special fillings inspired by traditional Christmas desserts. All chocolates are enrobed in French dark 72% chocolate.

Special Christmas fillings

1) inspired by Germany - "Stollen" (marzipan with spices (cinnamon and cloves) and dark chocolate ganache with raisins)
2) inspired by Russia - "Russian style" (pitted prunes with walnuts)
3) inspired by France - “Buche de Noel” (white ganache with grated dark chocolate and pieces of raspberry marmalade)
4) inspired by Czech Republic  - "Mulled wine" (apple marmalade and dark ganache with red wine and cardamom and nutmeg)


6 pcs box - $14

9 pcs box - $20

12 pcs box - $25

24 pcs box - $50